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iWebXpert’s Video Production services in Asheville currently include Testimonial videos and Business Feature videos. Both are typically 30, 45, 60, or 90 seconds long. Video testimonials feature brief statements from one or more of your customers (recommendations from real people, NOT actors). Business Features focus on promoting your products/services, and may include statements from the business owner and/or employee(s). This is a great opportunity to tell the story of your business and let your audience know what you stand for. After you choose a Video Production package, we’ll schedule a shoot date and handle the preparations.

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First we’ll get to know more about your business and discuss direction for your video. If you have existing print testimonials, we can contact those customers and politely ask if they’ll make their statement on camera. We can also use your e-mail subscription lists and social media to find customers who want to sing your praises and schedule a time to record their statements at your place of business. For Business Feature videos, we’ll write a script and submit for your approval. We do NOT write scripts for Testimonials, as it is important that these videos feel genuine. However, we can offer guidelines to the customer on how to structure their statement. A well-structured Testimonial clearly illustrates your sales points, the value of your products/services, and how real people benefit from them!

Video Production SetOn the scheduled shoot day, our Video Production crew will set up at your place of business. Using professional sound and video equipment, we’ll record the customer testimonial(s) or brief statements from reps of the company (if it’s a Business Feature). We’ll also want to capture exterior and interior footage of your place of business, including shots of employees at work and customers patronizing your services. This footage will be spliced in with the other footage while scripted voice-overs or testimonial audio plays over it. We’re equipped with the necessary release forms for anyone who appears in the video.





Once we’ve captured all the necessary footage for your video, the next step is for iWebXpert to edit that footage into a short ad that you can use to promote your company on your website. For this process, we have a lot of tools at our disposal. We can incorporate special effects and animated graphics, as well as music to give your video the right mood. For the sake of branding, you’ll want your logo to be a featured graphic in the video. If you aren’t happy with your current logo, iWebXpert can even assist you with a redesign that will make your brand more recognizable to consumers. It can take about 2-4 weeks after the shoot day for us to edit and brand your video and send you the final product. Contact Asheville’s Xperts today for more information or to get the ball rolling on your new Video Production project!

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