CrossFit Fundraiser Video Coverage: Bowen II

 CrossFit Boxes Unite for Bowen II Fundraiser in Asheville

On August 4, 2013, the iWebXpert TV crew headed out to CrossFit Pisgah in Asheville for the Bowen II fundraiser. Captain Jeff Bowen was a local Asheville firefighter who tragically passed away in the line of duty on July 28, 2011. This was the 2nd annual CrossFit fundraiser to benefit the mother, wife, and 3 children that Captain Bowen left behind in his final act of selfless heroism.

iWebXpert at Bowen II CrossFit fundraiser
We took our gear out to the event in the hopes of capturing some exciting footage of CrossFitters working out for this great cause. We ended up getting so much terrific footage, we decided to throw together a montage video as a tribute to all the participants and volunteers who helped make the event such a success. See if you can spot our own Jacob Ballard wielding that kettlebell!

Bowen II CrossFit fundraiser box jumper
The workout consisted of deadlifts, box jumps, single-arm kettlebell thrusters, burpee pull-ups, and two separate 1-mile runs involving three sets of stairs, a bridge, and a wicked uphill trek that just about everyone accurately described as “brutal”.

There were members of a large number of local boxes in attendance, including CrossFit Pisgah (who also organized the event and donated their gym, as well as handling promotion), CrossFit Asheville, Summit, Blue Ridge, Brevard, Catamount, Hendersonville, and CrossFit 2311. Members of other local gyms came out to show their support as well, including Hard Exercise Works and the local YMCA’s. Delicious paleo-friendly meals and popsicles were donated by Fuel Food Truck and Catering, and Threshold Provisions was on site promoting their healthy, organic snacks.

Bowen II was sponsored by CrossFit Pisgah, Community Fitness Events, The Southern Kitchen and Bar, Early Girl Eatery, CrossFit 2311, Threshold Provisions and iWebXpert. Ultimately this fundraiser would not have been possible without all the people who showed up to work out. Time and time again, Asheville’s CrossFit and fitness communities come together and show their unfailing support for causes like this. It was truly inspirational to witness. And participating was a blast; we’ll definitely be back next year!

Bowen shirt at CrossFit fundraiser
Click here to learn more about donating to the family of Captain Jeff Bowen.

Artist credit: the background songs we used in the video are “Faster Stronger” by Kanye West, “Too Close” by Alex Clare, and “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. Music was remixed and edited by Chris Jean-Jacques.

Article Name
CrossFit Fundraiser Video Coverage: Bowen II
iWebXpert's TV crew heads out to CrossFit Pisgah in Asheville for video coverage of the Bowen II fundraiser, a memorial workout for Captain Jeff Bowen.
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