New Social Media Trends

For many years of my life I did not have social media, and now I can’t imagine my life without it. I remember having a Facebook account when it was called “The Facebook” and all you had was a profile picture and your basic information. Now you can do almost anything you want and more on Facebook. Playing games, sending pictures, writing notes, creating albums. I recently had a new update on Facebook, Vine, and SnapChat….so it got me thinking. What will be the new social media trends?

After this thought came to mind I immediately posted in one of my Facebook group pages “What are your thoughts on the current trends in social media?” As expected I received several responses within the first hour. So that leads me to my first trend…

Questions & Answers

It is amazing how fast people will respond to you on social media. Complete strangers will answer your questions. I have seen moms post medical questions about their children, travelers asking where to eat when on vacation, and even people asking for relationship advice. I have to admit I am guilty of asking questions on social platforms, so I completely understand why this is one of the most popular social media trends of late. I send SnapChats to my friends all the time, asking what outfit they like best when I am trying to decide between 2 great looks in the dressing rooms. 😀 (this happens a lot)

Picture Messaging

Picture sending is becoming more common now than texting. I use SnapChat to communicate with my friends all the time. Instagram was my first vice, then Vine, and now SnapChat. As mentioned before, I use it to ask my friends questions. I also receive several SnapChats of friends letting me know what they are doing, or just to put a face with a personal message.
The pictures/videos only last up to 10 seconds and then they disappear. Of all the new social media trends, I’m not sure how long this one will last, but as of right now it is one of my top picks.

Location, Location, Location!

Facebook also recently updated to have searches on their home page. My latest search was “all of my friends who live in Charlotte, NC”. I recently moved and I wanted to connect with old friends who lived near me. This feature made it super easy to find the people I was looking for. Since I am already connected to these people through Facebook, the search was simple. Imagine trying to do that through Google or Bing…it would not work. I love this new feature on Facebook! It is genius. Try searching something just for fun and see what comes up.

Video and Picture Blogging

How many of you have spent more than an hour on Pinterest?! Why do a bunch of pictures draw us in so much? Social media websites like Pinterest and Tumblr have seen huge increases in the past few years. Less words and more visuals, please! I’m not sure what the addiction to this type of social media is, but the trends have spoken and I do know I’m hooked. I probably need Pinterest rehab.

Both Pinterest and Tumblr have been instrumental in changing the way other websites post their information. Before, boutiques would just post a picture of a dress hanging up, now they have to make it look even more fun and engaging. I know when we post pictures for my business we say WPPT? (Would People Pin This?) I have talked to some of my friends who are photographers, and they feel like new social media trends like Pinterest have definitely helped draw people to their services. More businesses are hiring professional photographers to take pictures of their products or services for their website.

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New Social Media Trends
For many years of my life I did not have social media, and now I can’t imagine my life without it. I've been thinking about the new social media trends.
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