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61% of consumers have a higher opinion of a brand if they have designed a good mobile experience for users (Latitude).

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As technology advances, there’s an increasing demand for effective mobile web services. More and more statistics are being released illustrating just how vital mobile marketing has become for business owners to get higher sales conversions. 58% of United States consumers own smartphones (comScore), and over 1.2 billion people get online using their mobile devices (Trinity Digital Marketing). In addition, mobile searches make up a quarter of all searches performed (The Search Agency). This means that it’s no longer enough that your business shows up in search results. You’ll also need to consider how you’re being found, and ensure you’re taking advantage of the mobile services that meet the needs of those web users.




Whether you’re developing a new website for your business or converting your existing website to mobile, iWebXpert can help. First we’ll discuss strategy. Generally, simplicity is the key factor for good mobile design. The goal is to impress your audience right off the bat with sharp branding and attractive images. Then provide a convenient way for them to learn more about your services and get in touch with you directly. When you work with us on your mobile development project, we’ll consider who your target audience is and design the look and feel of your site to deliver a message that will resonate with that audience. The last step is to include an effective call-to-action that will convert those potential customers to sales!


Have you ever looked at your website on a desktop computer, then looked at it on a mobile device? If you haven’t developed a mobile version of your website, you may notice that the appearance has changed. Your designs may not fit correctly or your formatting may be off. The entire aesthetic appeal that you thought you had just right is suddenly all wrong. When a mobile user clicks on a site like this, the likely scenario is that they click right back to search results and find a mobile site instead. When you go with iWebXpert’s mobile web services, we work to keep the look of your branding consistent between desktop and mobile, while ensuring that your mobile site is streamlined, engaging, and built to deliver results.




In addition to building clear and effective mobile websites, iWebXpert also offers a wonderful mobile app development service. A mobile app is software that users can download and interact with on their mobile devices. The purpose of the app can vary greatly. Some are created to help customers keep track of the pricing and availability of products, some are created as an extension of an event. Mobile app development should be in sync with your branding and offer features that your target audience will find useful. Whatever your needs, we can help you create a beautiful, user-friendly app that will be compatible over a wide array of mobile devices. Contact us today and discover how our mobile web services keep you ahead of your competition!

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