3 Things To Consider When Designing A Website

Today iWebXpert gives you 3 Things To Consider When Designing A Website.

Load Time

Load time is extremely important.  It can be a determining factor in regard to the success of your website.  Slow load time can hurt your brand and cost you business.  When creating a website, keep in mind that not everyone has high-speed internet.  Studies have shown that if a website does not load within 8 to 9 seconds, 1/3 of visitors will leave.  Just get to the point and keep it clean and simple.


It is important for you website to match your type of business.  Keep it uniformed with the theme of your company, logo, business card, and also make it appealing to look at online.  Make sure that your website looks and works properly between pages as well.


Can your designer change your site according to your business needs?  Most people will hire a designer they know personally.  What most people don’t realize is that by going with companies that specialize in web design, it can be much easier to update/adapt your site.  In addition, there’s also the benefit of avoiding tension between friends.  Design companies are up-to-date and can meet your deadlines.

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3 Things to Consider When Designing a Website | iWebXpert
Need to know how to go about designing a website? Here are 3 things to consider when you get started.
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